How To Strengthen Nails

How To Strengthen Nails Information Guide

This website is dedicated to providing you with all the information you need on how to strengthen nails.  Yes, we could just recommend a few products for you to try but as with all clinical diagnoses, it is better to identify the symptoms, understand the cause and then treat the problem.

In order to do this effectively a certain level of understanding is required, including the anatomy of the nail, how it works, identifying your nail type and tackling the cause of your problem.  Our section on nail diseases and disorders will also help you identify specific conditions, both minor and more severe and advises on how to deal with them.

Once you have this knowledge, not only will you understand how your nails ‘work’ but you will be armed with all the information needed to take the correct path in improving and strengthening your nails.

How To Strengthen Nails And Understanding The Anatomy Of The Nail

Throughout this website, we will be addressing and discussing many topics and areas that are related to strengthening your nails. For your convenience, we have tried to make this website user friendly and as easy for you to navigate as possible.

How To Strengthen Nails   Pterygium How To Strengthen NailsWe have broken down the main areas and fundamentals of how to strengthen nails and explain why it is important to understand these fundamentals in helping keep your nails strong and healthy. The majority of people apply many different lotions, creams and solutions without actually understanding why it is they are doing so. Once you are fully aware and understand how the anatomy of the nail works and why you are applying such products,  you will be in a much better position to follow the correct procedures to help maintain your nails and keep them healthy.

Step By Step Guide On How To Strengthen Nails

Listed below are the main key areas essential to understanding the anatomy of the nail.  Simply click on each heading to read more information on that topic.


Your nails are appendages to your skin, just like your hair, and are made up of keratin.   The nail is made up of many parts that all play a part in the nail’s lifespan.  This section illustrates the anatomy of the nail, the functions of each part and how the nail cells develop and result in the growth of the nail.


Here we explain what factors affect how well and healthily the nails grow, including diet, climate, age, illness and damage.  For example, how our diet can affect the health of our nails; why nails grow quicker in hot weather; why the growth rate slows down as we get older; how illness can affect our nails and how damage can result in deformation.


This section will help you to identify your nail type, give you possible reasons for its condition and advise how to improve it.  Healthy ‘normal’ nails should look pink, feel smooth and be strong but flexible, but other nail types can be dry, brittle, dehydrated or damaged.  Learn about these conditions and find out why they may be occurring to help you find the source of the problem and then be able to treat it.


A nail disease is usually related to an internal disorder and may only be helped by medical treatment.  A disorder is often the result of growth issues and in some instances may be treated by a nail technician.  This section details the most common nail diseases and disorders to help you identify your complaint and advise you on how best to treat it.